W.A. Goods Co. Ltd. is a business that has proudly been serving North American businesses for 25+ years. We build patterns and molds from wood, wood composites, plastics and metals for prototypes We work with up to date industry standards to provide excellent work and service. In the 25 years plus of making molds for intumescent epoxies has led us to expand into the free form and formed in place fire proofing. The product being used is an industry leading material called CHARTEC 1709 Produced by International Coatings.

The process is either an enclosure for actuators which can be installed retroactively or cast in place on the actuator so that maintenance can still be performed and the actuator retains its certification without disassembly. This process ensures a UL 1709 standard for emergency shutdown operations.
Nema 4 enclosures are coated with cast in place CHARTEK 1709 to a UL 1709 standard as are electrical sleeves for conduit and electrical housings.